Who Are You?

Butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

In practice I am a Web Developer, yet in my heart I am a Creative.

I enjoy the process of building and seeing how components can be assembled to make a whole. There is such satisfaction in completing a work that I feel driven by a hunger to taste that sweet satisfaction. This motivation keeps me grinding on the builder's path until the work is ready for sharing.

What is most exciting about Web Development is that the work is never truly finished. The medium a website is built upon is always changing. The experience that is generated is unique for each visitor. The possibilities of how a visitor interacts with a website are endless. The needs to keep pace with the foundational technology underpinning the website guarantees a frequent maintenance and revision schedule that keeps me busy. Continuing my own training and education to stay acclimated to the changing technology is a welcome challenge.

So let's turn the tables around... who are you? What puts that pep in your step? Contact me and let's network!

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"Over time, so many changes and transformations take place in nature... Just add a little of the elements - earth, fire, air and water Acorns into oaks... Caterpillars into butterflies ... Sand into pearls...or glass... Coal into diamonds... What transform"by innerjourneyevents is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0