Drupal Appreciation Day is Every Day

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I remember when I first trial tested Open Source Content Management Systems to build a personal website, it was right on the cusp of Drupal 5 in January 2007. I installed Drupal 4.7 since that was the stable release at the time, and then was bombarded by bugs. Lots of bugs. At the same time, there was the beginnings of a really sweet system that would allow me to manage user accounts, access levels and even support the customization of content types. The next week, Drupal 5 hit the streets and I remember crossing my fingers during installation, having it all go smoothly. I was just floored with the amount of features and value built into Drupal 5, an open source project, that I had downloaded for free.

The appreciation I have for Drupal and the community that built the project and the developers that contributed the code is boundless. To witness the evolution of Drupal to the polished and refined product that is Drupal 9 is a privilege. To have the opportunity to give back to the community that truly propelled my professional web development career is a true honor. This is why I enjoy leaving little snippets of code for the next developer going through the same challenging work flows as me, like this comment I wrote on Drupal.org with a code snippet of Migration API YAML for a common but complex task of converting Drupal 7 Repeat Dates to the new core Repeat Date Field.

If you'd like to collaborate on a web project, please reach out!