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Video Testimonial

Watch Matt Hand explain his views on the Secretary position of the Green Party US and why he wants the job.


Candidate Statement

Hello National Committee!

My name is Matt Hand and I am running for Secretary of the Green Party of the United States. Thank you to Andy Ellis, Delegate from my home state of Maryland, for nominating me for this important position on the Steering Committee. I also thank Regina Stone-Grover, Delegate from Michigan, and Margery Hanson, Delegate from Nevada, for Seconding and Thirding my nomination. And, I was thrilled to learn that Mike Gamms, Delegate from New York, gave a Fourth on my nomination as well. Your display of support is much appreciated, thank you all.



Photo of Matt Hand

Matt Hand is a political organizing force who empowers electoral activists by volunteering his technical and creative skills in service to their cause and in dedication to raising their platform. Hand has over ten years of professional work experience as a Web Developer, with major contributions to Federal Health websites like millionhearts.hhs.gov, womenshealth.gov, allofus.nih.gov and salud.nih.gov. Previously, Hand gained eight years of work experience as a Graphic Designer creating logos and signs.


All of Us Campaign Government Website for NIH in Drupal

All of Us campaign website for NIH.

The NIH All of Us campaign Drupal website that I launched in Acquia Cloud. I configured the website to meet agency guidelines for accessibility and security. I built in custom page component entities that were reusable and editable from the parent page editing form. I added a custom taxonomy that could scale as needed and was under full content manager control, creating interesting relationships between pages. I developed a custom deploy workflow that allowed for easy content staging with an approval process, while insulating the production environment from direct logins.


Download Link Labeler Drupal Module

Screenshot of Drupal Download Link Labeler Project

Websites that need to meet Section 508 Accessibility Rules and other government agency accessibility guidelines are tasked with the requirement to label links to downloadable content with the file type and file size of the referenced media, like PDFs. This creates the task of maintaining countless links entered into the body content of pages across the entire website. This task is nearly impossible to perform manually, considering that these links may reference external content on other websites not controlled by the content manager.


Drupal Upgrade for Catholic Health Services of Long Island

Catholic Health Services of Long Island website migration screenshot.

A Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 migration project where I was the Senior Drupal Developer on the team. The original Drupal 7 website was complex with many layers of work that needed to be migrated. The source data included 15 domains powered by the Domain Access module, over 30 Content Types, 3 Field Collections, Events with Repeating Date Ranges for start and end dates, over 50 Webforms with Submissions, and over 7,000 Media files that were embedded in body content of over 10,000 Pages and 50,000 Content Revisions.


Who Are You?

In practice I am a Web Developer, yet in my heart I am a Creative.

I enjoy the process of building and seeing how components can be assembled to make a whole. There is such satisfaction in completing a work that I feel driven by a hunger to taste that sweet satisfaction. This motivation keeps me grinding on the builder's path until the work is ready for sharing.